Dr. Marlyn Cheng | treatments
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PTSD • Trauma • Stress • Anxiety • Inflammation
Autoimmune Disease • Pain Management
Detox Medicine • Arthritis • Hormone Imbalances
Sleep Imbalances •  Migraines • ADHD

All imbalances are symptoms of the body having too much stress and depletion instead of a healthy, powerful reserve of energy and chemicals in action. Once Stressors can be identified and then removed, many new healing potentialities can take place.

The body is designed to detox itself perfectly well including from diseases.  Diseased organisms and their waste by-products should be automatically removed by a strong healthy body. Getting the body back into its optimal energetic state through precise protocols that remove the stress loads, along with exercises that target the body’s vital power can help it naturally regain its detox ability and dramatically enhance resistance against Auto Immune conditions.