Dr. Marlyn Cheng | about
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Dr. Marlyn Cheng’s Expertise

Dr. Marlyn Cheng specializes in balancing the body’s electrical and chemical systems and encouraging the body to heal itself. As an anesthesiologist, she understands the intricate nuances of the baselines of healthy organ function as well as the different states and rhythms the body needs to stimulate and maintain wellness. She has a strong background in Eastern medicine that stems back to her childhood roots where her family of trained physicians operated hospitals using both alternative and traditional medicinal methods.

She has trained in Gong Fu, Chi Gong and Lian-Gong for many years under the tutelage of Sifu Matthew Klein, the founder of The Martial Art of Wellness™  (MAOW™).  She is the first physician in the United States certified as a MAOW™ practitioner/facilitator.

Dr. Cheng uses a real comprehensive and scientific approach that expands beyond isolated ideas and into tangible action that works based on the science of bringing the body back to its authentic natural healing matrix by understanding all of the im-balances. Her training with Sifu Matthew has given her a precise and in depth knowledge of how the body’s direction, position and movements dynamically and immediately effect health.